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getting bigger.

&& i already LOVE you<3

pregnancy week by week

&& it already makes me Laugh 🙂 

well as everyone must know, i’m pregnant. && i am very excited. it’s scary to know the many things there is to come but i know i can manage to go through all of it. i’m not on my own. my family is by my side and so is my boyfriend. its pretty nerve racking. i already started feeling the morning sickness and it feels horrible. i dont mind though. as long as my baby is healthy and growing. i can’t wait to know what it’s going to be but whatever it is, i still LOVE yuu<3


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we had to post something.

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something in Me.

soooo, theres something tiny growing inside of me.

it only has a couple of weeks. and yet i love it. its exciting and at the same time its something that will change my entire life. i know i’m too young, and i know i still had many things to do before i give up the fun but i won’t ever regret having you grow inside of me. i am still shocked after a whole week and yet i’m so happy. i never thought this would end up happening to me. i cant wait for my bundle of joy to start getting bigger. i already LOVE yu. 🙂

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hello world, my name is Lydia.

im Seventeen.

i obviously attend HPHS :]

and i am class of Two Thousand Eleven.

Therefore, im a SENIOR!


something about this world makes me giggle, i dont count on anyone. i am INDEPENDENT. i do have friends that i can go to. i know how to spend my time wisely and i know whats best for me. i do like attending school. and i like reading as well. there’s so many things that you can learn about me but i wouldn’t want to put my whole life story on word press. N

or i would tell you. unless you were my friend. 🙂 


 some of my favorites are:

  • chocolate ice cream, cake, candy, etc.
  • nail polish
  • MexicanFOOD
  • sour candy
  • Cookie Monster 😀
  • the color YELLOW
  • MongolianFood
  • Doodling
  • Vitamin Water 😛
  • Music
  • Jack In The Box
  • Dancing
  • Softball

and other things that i cant think of right now,

i wont mention my dislikes because there are too many. 


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Have you received SHOCKING news?

Do you have something very important to say?

Well today, i have hard something that will change my ENTIRE LIFE! it is so Shocking that i don’t even believe it is true. but i need to be realistic and think thoroughly. i won’t let anyone know what it is because it is personal but i know it will soon be known by everyone.i am very surprised and i am sad and angry, and confused, and every feeling you can possibly think of. First of all it is hard for me because i need my studies and second of all i have no idea what everyone will think or do.


Here are some things that i will do in order to relax:

  • try to ease my mind by just focusing on school.
  • pretend nothing is wrong and be focused.
  • speak to a friend 
  • make the best out of things in order to not get stressed out.
  • ALWAYS smile!  

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Do you have any GOALS for the future? We all do RIGHT?

well do you need some motivation? once in a while you should see that we need some motivation and and we need inspiration. there are many obstacle in life and we need to learn how to overcome them. sometimes it can be difficult, and we lose our hope.

  • Learn to NEVER give up.
  • ALWAYS show a positive attitude in order to succeed.
  • SHOW that you can manage to do what you put your mind to.
  • BELIEVE that you can!
  • Think and KNOW can! 🙂

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Quote of the Day.

The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication. – Cecil B. DeMille

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