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My Kidney Bean.

I got to see you this weekend. 

i got to see your heart beating and it was at 154 bpm. im surprised to see how little you are, but that doesnt stop you from having a fast heart beat. it was very sentimental and not only i got to see you but so did grandma and daddy. i have some pictures of you and i will save each and every one of them. i am at 8 weeks and 3 days and time seems to go by very slow. i get even more anxious week by week.  you are barely the size of a kidney bean, which is a little less than an inch. can’t wait ’til the next ultrasound to see how fast your growing.


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pregnancy week by week

time goes by very slow. i need to wait week by week. i know why though. i can’t wait to see you. i get very anxious and its getting nerve racking. i know you must take your time so you can fully develop but i’m very eager. i already want to know what you are going to be. whether you’re a baby girl, or a baby boy. there are many things i already see and want to buy for you. we can’t buy anything yet until we know what your gender will be. i need to be patient. 


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