“Winning isn’t  important, but playing fairly and in a fun way.”

–Lydia Dorado

What Sportsmanship means to me is when someone plays fairly. When someone shows good sportsmanship, I think of not only someone who plays a sport but also someone who Chooses The Right in any decision. Whether to win or lose is not important but the sportsmanship is. When you show good sportsmanship you do not think about winning or losing. the fact that you were able to play with honor and pride makes up for good sportsmanship. WINning isn’t everything because after you WIN, What’s Important Now? You do not win anything with winning a game. Everyone is a winner and that is how a good sportsman should think. 

Good Signs of Sportsmanship

  • Good Sportsmanship is when you are watching a game, and you do not criticize the losing team. 
  • Another sign of good Sportsmanship is when you lose a game and do not get all upset about it. But you have in mind the fact that you have played a very well and fair game, and are very proud of yourself. 



Bad Signs of Sportsmanship:

  • Having bad Sportsmanship is when you do not show respect to team members or another team.
  • Another sign of bad Sportsmanship is when you get aggravated because of losing a game.

Here are some good Sportsmanship Quotes :]



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