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Have you received SHOCKING news?

Do you have something very important to say?

Well today, i have hard something that will change my ENTIRE LIFE! it is so Shocking that i don’t even believe it is true. but i need to be realistic and think thoroughly. i won’t let anyone know what it is because it is personal but i know it will soon be known by everyone.i am very surprised and i am sad and angry, and confused, and every feeling you can possibly think of. First of all it is hard for me because i need my studies and second of all i have no idea what everyone will think or do.


Here are some things that i will do in order to relax:

  • try to ease my mind by just focusing on school.
  • pretend nothing is wrong and be focused.
  • speak to a friend 
  • make the best out of things in order to not get stressed out.
  • ALWAYS smile!  

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