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How About Them Lunch Tickets?

hmm, well its been said that lots of food is thrown away after Nutrition is over. Schools are once again asking for lunch tickets in order to get food. This means many students don’t get to eat during school anymore. Many staffs and students oppose to this new rule because now most of these students need to wait until they get home so that they are able to eat something. That is a lot of hours. Students begin to get hungry and they get distracted. When you’re hungry you can’t think. I’ve conversed with many of the students here at
HP High and they say they are not able to do their work on an empty stomach. I believe this is a real problem and there needs to be something done about it. We can’t have students starving while they are in class trying to study.

What Do You Think??

Perhaps you can leave a comment and let the other students know how you feel about this issue. 🙂


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